Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card

Hey everybody! I just finished reading Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card, the writer of the Ender series.

The synopsis of this book is a boy named Rigg has an ability to see the paths of everyone who has ever walked on the planet, human or animal. Within the first couple of chapters he loses his father and must go to the capital city of his country after learning that he is descended from royalty. Another timeline runs alongside this one. A man named Ram, traveling aboard a ship aiming to find a new planet for the human race to populate. He is in charge of making sure the ship filled with sleeping colonists makes it to the new plant successfully. With the help of semi autonomous robots called expendables he must complete his mission.

At first the additional story line of Ram made no sense. Eventually towards the end of the book you come to realize that the planet that Rigg is living on is the planet that Ram has been tasked with preparing for the colonists. There is also a huge twist at the end of the book regarding Rigg’s father and the expendables.

I really liked the story, although it was slow to start and didn’t make much sense at the very beginning with the two story lines. It also does get a little confusing with the technical jargon when Ram is discussing outcomes with the expendables. The abilities of the pair of other people that Rigg meets on his travels can get a little confusing as well, but the overall story has great character development and once it gets started it doesn’t stop.




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