Ruins by Orson Scott Card

Greetings Everyone,

I have just finished reading Ruins, the second book in the Pathfinder Trilogy.

Rigg and company have been in Vadeshfold for only a short amount of time before they realize just how different and hostile this wall fold is. With the lack of humans, only leaving their structures behind, and the parasitic facemasks lurking in the natural  water sources.

Rigg and the rest of the crew leave Vadeshfold behind only to find out how much Vadesh had lied to them, and how much he had hidden from them. Journeying to Odinfold they find out what is really at stake, namely the future of the entire planet.

This book reveals a lot more of the story arc of this trilogy, it also really shows just how diverse the folds really are, and just how different they are compared to Ramfold where the group is originally from. The group becomes closer, and the characters begin to mature as they realize that the fate of the world is in their hands. The character development is great, and the story telling and descriptions of the world around the characters is amazing. Also, the depth the author went into in making the folds and their inhabitants different really shows a commitment to making this story a great one.

I’m really looking forward to finishing this trilogy, the gravity of the groups actions have been shown, and with the conspiracies that have been revealed their actions must be carefully considered before they are undertaken.


One thought on “Ruins by Orson Scott Card

  1. I like Orson Scott Card for his writing, despite the fact he’s homophobic…well, he’s not truly homophobic, but he does fall in line with the LDS stance on LGBT. Regardless, he’s awesome at dialogue and character, and my world was never the same after reading Enders game. I would like to pick up this new trilogy to see where fiction has taken Card.


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