Month: August 2016

Visitors by Orson Scott Card

I just finished reading the final book of the Pathfinder Trilogy, Visitors.

Overall the book was very good, with more exploring the consequences of changing events of time around, and the consequences of creating a copy of oneself.

Without giving too much away, Rigg and company end up splitting, with a copy of Rigg traveling to earth with a young Ram Odin, and the original Rigg traveling to each wall fold with the older Ram Odin. Umbo leaves the company to assist Loaf and Leaky, who end up with troubles of their own.

I feel that the character development of Umbo and Param really completes in this book as they work out their relationship together, and their relationships with those around them as well.

The strange genetically modified mice are also expanded upon further, and they also are shown to have a very human nature and clash with the humans around them quite often.

In the end I do have to say, I feel that the author did rush the ending a little bit, it really felt like an oh crap, I’m almost out of pages, better wrap it up real quick. The ending was sort of satisfying, but there wasn’t enough time spent on the aliens that really set the whole destroyers plot in motion.

Still though, overall, a very good series and well worth the read.