Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

First off, if you haven’t read the review for Storm Front by Jim Butcher, I suggest you do. I go over some background on the character and explain a bit more about what I feel makes this character relatable.

This is the second book in “The Dresden Files” the series written by Jim Butcher about our hard boiled wizard Harry Dresden. This time after having shaken the faith of the Chicago PD’s Special Investigations department Harry must now help them with a series of brutal murders that take place around the full moon. As you must have guessed, this book does see Harry dealing with werewolves.

Since Harry has lost some of the trust given to him by Lt.Karrin Murphy during the last book, Harry must be cautious in his investigation less he further hurt his relationship (and only steady income) with Lt. Murphy. In this book we also get to see Harry’s interactions with werewolves and also see him use more magic this time.

While we don’t see much more character development for Harry, we do get to see him under further stress, and see him dealing more with mundane issues. This book also gets more into the lore of this universe, specifically breaking down the different types of werewolves that exist here, and that eventually plays a large role in the story in this book.

This book is another great casual read and is quite the page turner. I look forward to picking up more of books in this series to continue reviewing them.


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